Newcastle Airport Parking

Getting to Newcastle airport.

Getting to Newcastle airport by train

The airport has a metro link to Newcastle Central Station. Please go to to check train times to ensure transfers are available for early morning departures and late night returns. The Metro is adjacent to the terminal building and the journey from Newcastle Central Station takes less than half an hour.

Getting to Newcastle airport by bus

The main link is from the bus station in Eldon Square and the journey time is about 30 minutes. A link to the airport from Blyth is also available and takes an hour.

Getting to Newcastle airport by car

This is by far the most popular method due to convenience, ease of luggage carrying and being able to travel on your own agenda.

The airport lies off the A696, which is about 8 miles off the A1. All North South traffic usually approaches the airport along this route. The A1 is always particularly busy around this section for the following reasons.

  • Ring road around Newcastle
  • Main airport approach
  • Gateshead Shopping centre

Recommend if you are travelling at peak times you allow an extra half hour for this bottleneck.


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