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Newcastle Airport History and Facts

Newcastle airport originally started life as the local flying club on a grass runway in 1935. The first schedule flights were between Croydon and Perth operated by North Eastern Airways. The airport through the war years and late forties saw little or no development work.

This changed in 1952 with the appointment of an airport manager who was tasked with developing the airport to assist the economy of the North East, which in geographical terms was somewhat isolated. Routes to London, Northern Ireland, Dublin, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf were the first to be serviced from Newcastle airport.

The 1960's saw the development of the package holiday and the local authorities who were the airport owners formed the North East Regional Committee to develop the airport infrastructure.

In 1963 a new runway was completed along with an increased apron area. Passenger numbers over the next 6 years doubled to 700,000. These increases continued through the seventies and once again the facilities were struggling to cope with capacity.

However, planning approval and government consent saw no major development until the early eighties with increased capacity for the terminal and runway. By this time the airport had been granted category b regional airport status. Passengers by 1984 had topped 1.4 million.

From 1990 onwards the airport continued to grow with continual development of car parking facilities, terminal and freight buildings. I

In 2001 the airport 49% of the shares were sold by the local authorities to Copenhagen airport.


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